Only accessible from the water, Lalaria Beach can be visited while circumnavigating the island on the same tour that takes in the Kastro a couple of kilometres to the west.

The beach is a delight, contained by lofty impassable cliffs that have a natural arch and caves on the east side.

The surface is pebbly so it pays to bring swim shoes with you, as well as a hat and bottled water as there’s not a hint of a beach bar.

The surf is moderate, and the waves churn the white sediment in the water to give it a translucent glow in the sun.

About The Location

Sporades islands lie on the northwestern part of the Aegean Sea.  The region is out of the main path of the ‘meltemi’ the north wind that prevails on the Aegean Sea in summer months, so things are much calmer than other places, such as the Cyclades islands. Winds blow usually up to 4-5 Beauforts, north – northwest direction.

Perfect for a day trip and can be combined with visits to Kastro, Lechouni and round the island trips.

The unique white pebbles have been becoming less and less over the years, as visitors have been stealing them off the beach. It is important that you do not try this, as there are strict laws against it.

Lalaria Map