Arkos island

Arkos is uninhabited but in the summer there’s a great taverna open at the stunning public beach on the northwest coast.

Unwinding here you can watch the motorboats shuttling back and forth to Skiathos Town, and take a dip in the light blue transparent sea.

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Tsougrias Island

The island of Tsougria is visible from the clock tower in Skiathios town is a brief boat trip away.

Leave early in the morning and you can pass a carefree day idling on its four beaches or hiking up the island’s rocky ridge for a panorama of Skiathos and nearby Skopelos.

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Only accessible from the water, Lalaria Beach can be visited while circumnavigating the island on the same tour that takes in the Kastro a couple of kilometres to the west.

The beach is a delight, contained by lofty impassable cliffs that have a natural arch and caves on the east side. The surface is pebbly so it pays to bring swim shoes with you, as well as a hat and bottled water as there’s not a hint of a beach bar.

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